Why we don't negotiate

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Why we don't negotiate?

If you are reading this, you have likely received our offer for some tableware you are seeking to sell, and just read the bit, maybe with a little disappointment, that says, "This offer is non-negotiable." So, why don't we negotiate?

To save time!

Unlike many of our competitors we don't believe in making a deliberately low offer with a view to negotiating backwards and forwards. Instead we offer our best price right from the outset. We feel this is a more honest and transparent approach. 

"But... my china is all perfect."

That's great! If you re-read our email offer, we have quoted on the basis that everything offered is in excellent "as new" condition.

"But... I know how much money you will make on it."

No... you don't. You have gone to the trouble of working out the difference between what we would sell your china for and what we have offered to buy it for.

Your calculation doesn't take into account the cost of fuel and staff to collect the china from you in the first place and then the substantial costs thereafter, including warehousing, business rates, payroll, insurance, marketing, VAT, corporation tax and so on. Nor does it take into account the discounts we offer at point of sale.

And that's assuming we sell it all. Many pieces will often sit on the shelves for months, even years. 

"But... it's much less than you sell it for."

Well, as above, we are running a business. However, we also don't calculate our offers on what we sell for. We calculate them based on what we know we can buy the china for in the current market. Just like any other business, we won't pay £200 for something when we know we can pay £150 elsewhere.  

"But... it's not enough."

That's not a problem. Honestly. We will not take offence if you reject our offer and choose to try and sell it elsewhere. We receive hundreds of emails offering to sell us tableware every week and we say "no" to more people than we make offers to. So if you reject our offer, we will simply spend our money with someone else. It's not a problem.

We would ask to you be polite however.

For every accepted offer we receive, we receive an offensive one rejecting an offer. It's not necessary and it's not fair on our team who are just doing their jobs. A simple, no thank you will do, or, as many mums have said "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"; i.e. we don't require a response if you don't wish to accept.

Yes, Covid has made a difference

We have updated this article as we approach the end of Covid restrictions within the UK (July '21) but with the possibility of repeat measures or lockdowns later in the year.

With so many people stuck at home in the last 12 months or more, lots of people have had time on their hands to spring clean, and dispose of unwanted household items, including tableware. In addition, with the sad loss of so many people, many families have been clearing the possessions of loved ones. As a result there has never been so many second hand goods on the market.

Charity Shops are overwhelmed. Car Boot Sales who have reopened are turning sellers away. Auction Houses have long waiting lists. It is a buyers market.

The reality is, this is not a great time to sell. If you want more money, you may want to pack it away for 18 months and try again. However, if you want to sell it soon, our offer really is our best offer. 

Whatever you decide... stay safe... stay well. 

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