Why choose MrPottery for your replacement tableware?

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Why choose MrPottery for your replacement tableware?

As one of the original tableware replacement services, with over 30 years in the business, we have seen a few changes in the used tableware marketplace. 

The mid to late 90s saw massive growth in the Internet for business, and with our first website we were transformed from a market and fair based business, to an online one, servicing the entire world.  In 1999 eBay UK launched having taken the US by storm and so began our journey into e-commerce, culminating in our ability to take payment via our own website in the early 2000s. Fast forward another decade or so and social media is very much part of any successful business's marketing strategy.

We have survived 3 recessions and of course the challenges of operating through a pandemic. 

Today we are already benefiting from, but waiting to see the full impact of, AI on the world.

Beyond that we have seen hundreds of wannabe replacement services come and go. Some, specialists in a given pottery; some, like us, offering a wider china matching service. After all, it must seem the easiest of businesses. Buy some used tea and dinner services cheaply, break up the sets, and sell pieces individually at a substantial mark up. Sounds easy enough. 

Of course it's not quite that simple. Such a business needs a vast amount of storage space, is extremely labour intensive, and requires an extensive knowledge base of the tableware itself. Nevertheless, some of these business, like us, go on to survive and even thrive. 

So why choose MrPottery?

The simple answer is that we do not shortchange our customers!

Merriam-Webster defines to shortchange as "to give less than the correct amount of change to. 2. : to deprive of or give less than something due" . 

You see, we have never wanted to be the cheapest in the marketplace (although often we are). We do however, consider ourselves to be the best value; a view shared by thousands of our customers (see MrPottery Trustpilot reviews). We achieve this by offering nothing less than first class customer service in the following ways:  - 

1) Quality of our replacement tableware

Every single item that comes through our hands is carefully quality checked and graded, so when we say we are offering a replacement dinner plate in Excellent condition, it is exactly that. In fact, many customers comment that our Very Good and Good grades have been better than they have received from other sources. 

2) Excellent packaging

We balance environmentally friendly solutions with the need to get the china to you in one piece. We don't use smelly, inky, ineffective used newspaper. We use double wall boxes, paper bubble and effective filler to ensure the china arrives on one piece and on the very rare occasion it doesn't we will send out replacements or refund without any quibbles. 

3) Reliable couriers

We never use the cheap couriers associated with missing, stolen and roughly treated parcels. Instead, we use quality, reliable couriers with full tracking information such as Royal Mail, DPD and DHL We are able to do this at a competitive price in part due to the scale of our business and in part as we subsidise some of the cost from our own profits. 

4) We offer a no quibble guarantee

If you are unhappy with any piece you receive. Send it back for a full refund of your original purchase price, no questions asked. If the error is ours we will refund the return postage or waiver the return and sort out the issue promptly. 

5) A knowledgeable and customer centric team

We demand high levels of customer service from all our team members. Our buyers, pickers, packers, call centre team and management all share the same goal. To make sure you, the customer get the replacement china you want in a timely manner, in a condition that exceeds your expectations, backed up by a professional service.

Those are just 5 of the reasons you should choose MrPottery. 

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