Sadly, we can't buy everything

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Sadly, we can't buy everything

If you are reading this you have likely received an email from us declining your offer to sell us your pre-loved china. We are genuinely sorry about that, but as the title of this document says, "... we can't buy everything."

We understand that for some people, a simple "No thank you" is not enough and some explanation is required. Sadly we don't have time to give everyone a specific reason, so we have put this article together by way of explanation.

Please don't take offence

You would be amazed how many customers call us, just to tell us how awful we are just because we didn't make them an offer. However, the first thing to understand is that it's nothing personal.

We receive hundreds of emails every week offering us part and full dinner, tea and coffee services. We have neither the cashflow or the storage space to buy everything offered to us, so we have to prioritise and make a business decision based on supply and demand, and the cost for us to collect from a given area at the time it is offered to us.

"But your website says you are out of stock of my pattern"

Our website does not necessarily reflect what stock we have waiting to be processed or what we have already agreed to buy from other sellers, often weeks in advance. Also, it is sometimes a deliberate decision not to restock if a design is not currently selling well.

"But my china is in excellent (or unused) condition"

That's great. We only make offers on tableware that is in excellent condition. So if we have said no, it is for another reason. Such reasons may include: - 

  • We are overstocked on many of the pieces you have offered. 
  • There is currently insufficient demand for the design and/or pieces offered.
  • You are some distance from us and we are able to buy what you are offering more locally.
  • There are insufficient pieces to justify the collection costs.
  • Your design is readily available from more economical sources than buying privately. 
  • You have already allowed one of our competitors to 'cherry pick' and buy the best pieces, leaving the less desirable items for us to quote on (our policy is not to cherry pick as the seller invariably loses out overall).

"But I think you are making a big mistake"

We understand why you would feel that way. You have no doubt had the china in your home for many years. It has been part of your everyday life and you want to sell it, rather than just give it away, so that someone values it as much as you do. 

However, after 30 years in business we know what we are doing, so if we have made a mistake, so be it, it is ours to make. 

All is not lost!

There are other china matching services you can try, and a quick search on Google will give you their details. Alternatively, why not try selling it on Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or eBay. 

We would respectfully ask that you do not contact our team challenging or questioning our decision. However, as per our email, we really do wish you every success selling it elsewhere.

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