China Matching Service

First thing's first... visit our Replacement China Shop. We have a large stock of discontinued china across all major brands such ad Denby Pottery, Poole Pottery, Royal Doulton and many more.

If we do not have the pattern or pieces you are seeking in stock, don’t despair; we will be happy to try and find the pieces you are looking for .

We make NO CHARGE  for this service, and you are under NO OBLIGATION  to purchase the items when we find them. Instead, we simply let you know they are available and if you still want them you pay for the items you want along with any postage and packaging involved in getting the pieces to you.

To let us know what discontinued china you are looking for simply fill in the short form below.

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As soon as the items are available we will email or call you to let you know.

NB Please be aware that we often have many people seeking the same pieces and are unable to guarantee availability at any given time. If you happen to miss out, we will contact you again when we have more in stock.



How long will it take to find my china?

We don’t know. Sorry. Some makes and patterns of discontinued tableware are easier to find than others, but even then, we don’t make any guarantees as sometimes sources just dry up. Equally, we have expected things to take a long time only to stumble across the very piece a new customer is seeking the very next day.

What we can guarantee is that we will do our best to find the pieces you are seeking as quickly as possible.


Where do you source the pieces from if they are discontinued?

The second-hand market. This includes car boot sales, charity shops, auctions, he online marketplace, private sellers and our very own network of specialist buyers who are scattered throughout the UK. After all, we can’t be everywhere can we?


What happens if I find my missing china before you do?

Ideally, let us know by email or call us so we can update our records and avoid contacting you unnecessarily. That said, if you don't it's no drama from our point of view. You are under no obligation at any time to buy the pieces we find. There is always someone else who wants them.


You said you have a long waiting list for my pieces. Can I pay more for a priority service?

Sorry, but we do not offer this service as we feel it is unfair to other customers.


I do not know the make and/or pattern of my service. Can you still help?

Yes, but it may be more difficult. Have a good look at the back stamp on all the pieces as some may have worn off and others may have more details. Tell us what you do know and if necessary send us a photo of both the pattern and any back stamp. You may also want to take a look at our shop to see if you recognise your pattern. 


I am seeking some missing collectable / decorative pieces, e.g. transfer plates, stoneware animals, porcelain figurines. Can you help with that?

We specialise in tableware. That is our core business. However, the nature of what we do is that we do come across collectables all the time and we would be happy to help you complete your collection. Just fill in the form above as you would tableware.