The Growing Marketplace of Discontinued Goods

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In the past few years, more and more people have started to show an interest in discontinued goods, either as a buyer or a seller. In fact, the discontinued marketplace is definitely growing, partly driven by customer loyalty to their chosen brand, and often driven by a desire to save money. For example, in the case of discontinued tableware, it is far cheaper for someone to replace a broken plate or two, than it is to replace an entire dinner service.

Many customers are used to the idea of going to the store and buying the stuff they want, but the reality is that some products are provided only for a limited amount of time. Sometimes they might have been available only for a year or less. Often, those discontinued goods are widely sought after and, most of the time, they will come with a premium if you want to buy them.

What type of discontinued goods can you find on the market?

As you can imagine, there are a plethora of product types that you can try to buy right now, which are no longer available from the usual stores. From discontinued china and tableware, to car parts and bathroom furnishings, and even beauty products, there are many product categories out there that are in high demand just because they were discontinued early on. It all comes down to what connects people to those products and what drew them to them in the first place. For the most part, finding and buying discontinued goods in particular is never an easy thing to achieve.

Discontinued White Goods Discontinued Beauty Products Obsolete Car Parts

Discontinued China and Tableware

However, if you know where to look, you will find an array of discontinued products and discontinued specialists, often online. Sometimes, the challenge with discontinued goods is that some people will try to sell fakes instead of the real deal. This does not tend to happen in the discontinued china marketplace as it is an uneconomical practice (it’s not cheap to set up a pottery!). However, the beauty and perfume market is a bit of target for rogue dealers. Since many retired lines come at a premium, you can see why you want to stay away from fakes. So it pays to do your research and learn how to spot them.

Should you buy discontinued goods?

Of course, and a lot of people do that for a variety of reasons. There are people who buy these products due to their looks and unique features. Others have got used to using a certain product and don't wish to stop. And sometimes it is just more economical. Plus, others want to own a piece of history, knowing that such a product will not be available ever again and the additional pride of owning something that you know is limited and you can’t find anywhere else. 

At MrPottery Ltd we specialist with discontinued china and tableware, along with the occasional collectible. If the design or piece you are seeking is no longer available in the shops, we will be happy to try and find it for you. What’s more, we charge no search fee or registration fee, instead just charging you for the piece itself once we find it. If you are looking for a replacement piece of pottery why not check out our website or drop us an email.

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