Denby / Langley "Sherwood"

Denby / Langley Sherwood
Denby / Langley Sherwood was issued in the mid 1960s as part of The Natural Homemaker series by the Langley Pottery (by then already owned by Denby). Initially it was produced with the Langley backstamp, but later it was replaced with a Denby backstamp. Also, many pieces, usually non-flatware, do not have any back stamp. We do not make a distinction between backstamps in the pieces listed below as they are otherwise identical. If you have a preference please contact us before ordering. Made for a number of years there is a wide range of pieces available in this discontinued design. Sizes do vary a fraction with pieces like tea cups due to being made at different times. The Natural Homemaker series also included the similar Mayflower (Brown), Chatsworth (Blue) and Canterbury (Orange).
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