Denby "Arabesque"

Denby Arabesque
Denby Arabesque is one of the more famous discontinued tableware patterns from the Denby Pottery. It was designed by Gill Pemberton and was inspired by a trip to Russia.  It's striking bold seventies design with yellow, brown and red circles on a dark brown background make it stand out from the crowd and provoke a 'marmite' reaction among many. It was initially called "Samarkand", but the name was changed after the Portmeirion Pottery exhibited a design of the same name. It is indeed much loved by it's collectors, particularly so as there is such a vast variety of interesting pieces to collect. Originally it was hand-painted with great variations in the depth and clarity of the pattern. Later more uniformity was introduced to the Arabesque design as production moved over to a decal or transfer style print.
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