Hornsea Contrast 3 Pint Casserole, Looped Handle

Hornsea "Contrast" Covered Serving Dish, 3 Pints, Looped Handle

Hornsea Pottery

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Hornsea "Contrast" Covered Serving Dish, 3 Pints, Looped Handle

This is the 3 pint covered serving dish with the looped handles in the discontinued Hornsea Pottery "Contrast" range. It is also available in a 4 pint dish and a 3 pint dish with lugged handles. The dishes are oven proof and often used as casserole dishes.

Size: 7.5" / 19cm diameter; 3.5" / 9cm tall (without lid); 4.25" / 11cm tall (with lid); 3 pints

Sizes are approximate.

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