St Michael "Felsham"

Marks & Spencer Felsham
St Michael Felsham is a classic bone china design which was retailed by Marks & Spencer under the St Michael brand. Felsham features a narrow blue border design with gilded edging, set against a white background.
NB The Felsham design, unfortunately, tends to suffer from tarnishing or discolouration of the gilding, more so than other patterns than we have come across (although it's green and red sister patterns, Pemberton & Connaught, have similar issues - Pemberton seems to be the worst effected). It is incredibly hard to find pieces which have perfect gilding. Those items listed below as being of "Excellent" condition are as near perfect as you are likely to get, but may still have minor discolouration of the trim on close inspection. "Very Good" pieces may have  some light discolouration and occasional gapping and significant colour change and possible gapping may be expected with those listed as "Good".
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