Portmeirion Pottery

Portmeirion Pottery
Portmeirion Pottery is a relatively modern pottery, founded in 1960 by the the daughter of Sir Clough Williams-Ellis (famous for the creation of the Portmeirion village in North Wales), Susan Williams Ellis. Susan had been working with a pottery decorating company in Stoke on Trent called A E Gray Ltd for a number of years, commissioning pieces for the Portmeirion Village gift shop. In 1960, she and her husband Euan, bought Grays, and shortly after in 1961, also purchased Kirkhams Ltd who had the ability to manufacture as well as decorate pottery. This was the beginning of the Portmeirion Potteries.
Today they own both Royal Worcester and Spode, and together are known as the Portmeirion Group, continuing to produce a variety of designs under their own brands. Perhaps the most famous design with the Portmeirion backstamp, and certainly their longest running is Botanic Garden.
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