Poole Pottery "Twintone - Ice Green & Seagull / Mushroom / Peach Bloom"

Poole Pottery Ice Green & Seagull / Mushroom / Peach Bloom
Poole Pottery Ice Green & Seagull, Mushroom or Peach Bloom refers to three Poole Pottery Twintone designs all based around the principal Ice Green colourway. As they all share many of the "Ice Green" only pieces such as plates, platters and some accessories and miscellaneous items, we list them all here together for you. You can choose to only see pieces from a single collection by using the sub-menu to the left of the screen. For example, click Mushroom if you only wish to see Ice Green & Mushroom pieces. 
Ice Green & Seagull (C57) was initially released pre-war (and again in 1946 after restrictions on the use of colour), Like it's close relative Sepia & Mushroom it is one of Poole's longest running patterns, being discontinued in 1981. Ice Green and Mushroom (C96) was introduced in 1952 and finished production in 1965. Finally, Ice Green and Peach Bloom (C99) was issued in 1953 and proving unpopular, discontinued only a year later in 1954. 
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