Midwinter Pottery

Midwinter Pottery
Midwinter Pottery was founded in 1910 as W R Midwinter, by William Robinson Midwinter. Based in Burslem, in the Stoke-on-Trent area it became one of England's largest potteries by the late 1930's and employed more than 700 people. Perhaps it's most famous period however, was the 1950's when designers such as Jessie Tait, Jasper Conran, Peter Scott, Hugh Casson and John Russell helped the company become leaders in pottery design innovation. Many of the designs from this period are highly collectible today. 
The company was taken over by J & G Meakin in 1968, who two years later were absorbed by Wedgwood. Production from the Midwinter Pottery ceased entirely in 1987.
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