Hornsea "Yeovil"

Hornsea Yeovil
Hornsea Yeovil is a lovely design with a fruit theme and a rustic Mediterranean vibe. It is not typically "Hornsea", but it is still much loved and sought after, and is one of our favourites here at Mr Pottery HQ! 
NB Hornsea Yeovil is increasingly difficult to get hold of. In addition, due to manufacturing challenges there are often imperfections in the glaze and an unevenness of colour which was sometimes deemed as acceptable, and part of the design, by the pottery and sometimes identified as seconds. Quite frankly, the cut off point for this moved during it's lifetime. Due to these two factors it is important to be aware that our 'Excellent' and 'Very Good' grades are likely to carry a higher proportion of 'Seconds' than with other designs from the Hornsea Pottery.
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