Denby "Daybreak"

Denby Daybreak
Denby Daybreak was the first design to be issued on the Sherwood shape in 1983. Designed by Claire Bernard it proved to be a very popular discontinued range from the Denby Pottery. It is a charming daisy like design on a green background with a rust border. It proved so popular after it's initial release that additional items were added to the service over the years, making for an extensive range of serving ware and accompanying items. It was made over many years and during that time variations in the intensity of the brown fleck occur as well as depth and darkness of the rust border on pieces. As is often the case with popular discontinued lines, dinner plates, salad plates, mugs and dessert bowls are sometimes hard to get hold of. Please register with us if you are looking for these or any other pieces and we do not have them in stock.
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