Selling Your Discontinued Tableware

Do you have some discontinued tableware you wish to sell? If so please read the following before completing the form below: -  

Step 1 - Where is the china/pottery located?

We ALWAYS collect. We NEVER ask you to post it to us. Some of our competitors will ask you to package and post your tableware to them. This is their choice, but from years of experience we have found this inevitably leads to problems, be it breakages in transit or disputes over condition. By collecting in person, we can check the condition at the time of collection and the responsibility of packaging is ours, not yours.

However, because we always collect, we don't buy from everywhere due to the economics of doing so. 

Please note that we do not currently purchase discontinued tableware from overseas, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Northumberland, Cumbria, Durham. 

Step 2 - Check the condition

Please note that we do not buy pieces with chips, cracks, nicks, crazing, pitting, or any items with anything more than very light cutlery marks or scratches. We understand that it is likely to have been used but unfortunately, we are unable to pass on items with significant wear and tear to our customers.

We feel it is much better to make this clear from the outset to avoid wasting your time and ours. 

Step 3 - How much have you got?

Is it at least a part dinner or tea service? Unless you are on our doorstep (we are in Dorset), if you only have a few cups and saucers, or half a dozen plates, it likely isn't worth our while coming to collect it. 

Step 4 - Send us a list of what you have

Write down the make and design of the china and a list of the number of each piece you have. If you have different sizes of plate and bowl and are not sure what they are called, let us know the measurements. Send us the list via email at or fill in the form below. 

Step 5 - The offer

If it is a make and design that we are currently buying, and the pieces you have are of interest, we will make you an offer, subject to condition. If the offer is acceptable to you then a member of our Collection Team will arrange to collect it from you when they are next in your area.

Step 6 - The collection

When we collect we will do so at a pre agreed time and date. If we are running more than 20 minutes early or late we will let you know on route. On arrival we will check the items are as described and subject to condition pay the agreed amount in cash, before packaging them up and taking them away. We always bring our own packaging.

To contact us regarding selling your discontinued tableware please email us at or fill in the form below.


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