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Our Charity of the Year - Lymington Cat & Kitten Rescue

Make A Moggy Happy Today - Rehome a Cat

We are delighted to announce that this year MrPottery has selected Lymington Cat & Kitten Rescue, or Lymicat, as it is sometimes known, as it's 'Charity of the Year', meaning that we will be supporting them as best we can for the next 12 months.

In the course of our day to day search for discontinued tableware we accumulate all sorts of bric-a-brac and used goods ideally suited for charity shop donations, and we are pleased to say that these will now be heading to the Lymington Cat & Kitten Rescue shops in New Milton and Milford-On-Sea.

Later this year we also plan on organising a fund-raising event, to help them raise much needed funds which help to feed and care for the cats and kittens in their care, so watch this space.

Lymington Cat & Kitten Rescue, based in Lymington, Hampshire, was founded in 1980 by former pedigree breeder Janette Frankland, with the support of a small but loyal group of supporters. The role of the charity was quite simply to "take in strays, unwanted cars and kittens, golden oldies, pedigrees and feral cats (when space is available) and to re-home them whenever possible."

In the beginning the charity successfully rescued and re-homed the odd cat here and there. Soon after they were asked to help with a colony of feral cats living near the Lymington ferry.  After that, the charity grew and grew.

Today they have a licence to shelter up to 50 cats from Janette's back garden in Highfield Avenue, Lymington, and the shelter is often full. Every piece of available space in the garden has been given over to helping the cats, with immaculately kept housing pens, a hospital unit for the sick and injured, a quarantine unit for the contagious, and storage for the feed, bedding and cat litter required to look after 50 moggies.

Sadly Janette passed away in the summer of last year following a courageous battle with cancer. However, it was her determined wish that the charity continue and it has and will for years to come with the help of it's volunteers and supporters. 

Over the years it has even enjoyed the patronage and support of one or two celebrity cat lovers including Beryl Reid and in more recent years, actress Susan Hampshire, perhaps best known for her roles in the Forsyte Saga and Monarch of the Glen, but also rather fittingly the star of the Disney cat movie "The Three Lives of Thomasina".

On a recent visit to the shelter we met these lovely cats all looking for new homes. There are many more, and no doubt since our visit, others will have joined them: - 

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Some of the cats come from good homes, where their owners simply cannot care for them anymore, perhaps because they have had to move into sheltered accommodation themselves or into rented property. Sometimes they are simply abandoned when people move home or no longer want them. Also it is not uncommon for pregnant cats and kittens to arrive and the shelter can get full very quickly.

So how can you help?

Well obviously donations never go amiss as looking after all these cats is an expensive business. However, mostly the help needed is more basic than that. 

For example, can you or anyone you know offer a loving home to a cat or kitten?

Perhaps you have had a cat in the past and have a cat carrier or feeding bowls that you no longer use? These always come in handy.

Maybe, next time you are passing New Milton or Milford on Sea you can spare 5 minutes to call into one of their charity shops, have a browse and see what you can buy.

Alternatively, with a Spring clean due perhaps you could donate some unwanted items to the shops. Ladies clothes are always popular, as is bric-a-brac, but mens clothes, CDs, shoes, handbags, toys and books are always gratefully received.

Over the next 12 months we will be positing news items about Lymington Cat & Kitten Rescue in our blog, and on our social media channels, so watch this space.

We're very excited about this new relationship, and we look forward to helping our new friends at Lymicat. 

To learn more about them or make a donation, visit their website at

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