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Below are listed a few items of our Poole Pottery current stock which may be of interest to collectors. Do not forget that these represent only a fraction of our total stock, so if you do not see the items that interest you, please telephone us, or send us an email or complete our enquiry form and we will be pleased to try to assist further.

All Poole Pottery items are a pleasure to own, and many of them are likely to be good investments for the future. Amazingly, Poole Pottery and its predecessors, Carter and Company, and Carter, Stabler and Adams, have been in production since 1873, so there have been plenty of items produced, to suit the tastes of all collectors.

Why not start a collection of inexpensive stoneware animals, transfer plates or collectable Poole items of the 1960's. Put your collection together now before the prices rise to new heights. Most of all, enjoy your collecting.

If you wish to purchase any of the items shown below, telephone Chris on (UK) 01202 600838 (24 hour answer machine when the office is not manned), or email us at chris@mrpottery.co.uk or use our enquiry form.

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Poole Pottery Dagger Tray

A beautiful 13" dagger tray in Cameo Celeste, a very rare colour for this item. Excellent condition, with just a pinprick size firing flaw on the handle crosspiece, which does nothing to detract from the desirability of this rare item.

42 inclusive of P&P within UK. P&P elsewhere on request

Poole Pottery Playing Card Mug

A beautiful mug depicting a hand of playing cards. Perfect condition.


Poole Pottery Mug

A 9" plate showing a hand painted picture of Poole Harbour. Perfect condition.


Traditional Egg Cup Stand

Traditional design of plate for standing egg cups on. Perfect condition.

14 inclusive of P&P within UK. P&P elsewhere on request.

Poole Pottery Bear

Charming figure of a bear looking over his left shoulder. (Poole also produced one looking over right shoulder). Approx. 4" tall.


J E Beale Plate

A rare plate commemorating the centenery of the Bournemouth store J.E.Beale. Perfect condition.

24 inclusive of P&P within UK. P&P elsewhere on request.

Poole Pottery

An attractive 12.50" cucumber dish.The underside is in Ice Green, and upper surface is in Seagull.Perfect condition.


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