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The Poole Pottery Replacement Service intends to provide a photographic record of many Poole pottery stoneware, pottery and china tableware patterns manufactured and discontinued by Poole Pottery. This list of tableware will be added to and improved upon in the coming weeks and months. It is hoped that this will assist our prospective customers to identify the designs of their tea cups, dinner plates, serving dishes etc.that they wish to replace or add to. Keep watching; we have given ourselves a marathon task but we will get there. If you cannot find the tableware pattern that you are looking for, just send us a description and we will identify your pattern for you.

Just tell us what pieces you need to replace and we will contact you with details of availability and price. It really is that simple, and you will find that our prices are very competitive.

Poole Pottery. Click here for Enquiry FormThe completion of this form places you under no obligation to buy or sell. It merely lets us notify you of the prices and availability of items that are of interest to you, or answer other queries that you may have about our service. If you would prefer to use send us a an email, please feel free to do so at

Picture Pattern Picture Pattern
Poole Pottery Blue Moon Blue Moon Desert Song Desert Song
Ice green and seagull Ice Green and Seagull Poole Pottery Mandalay Mandalay
Parkstone Parkstone Sherwood Sherwood
Sky Blue and Dove Grey Sky Blue and Dove Grey Summer Glory Summer Glory
Arden Arden Celadon Celadon
Chestnut Chestnut Kismet Kismet
Melbury Melbury Nut Tree Nut Tree
Pink and Seagull Pink and Seagull Thistlewood Thistlewood
blue leaf Blue Leaf Dorset Fruit Dorset Fruit
Chantilly Chantilly Calabash Calabash
Grey Pebble Grey Pebble Charcoal Charcoal
Mushroom and Sepia Mushroom and Sepia Blue Lace Blue Lace
Broadstone Broadstone Celeste Celeste
Ridgeway Ridgeway Red Indian Red Indian
Springtime Springtime Fresia Fresia
Polka Polka New England New England
Poole Pottery Black Pebble Black Pebble Constellation Constellation
Dawn Ballet Dawn Ballet Sweetcorn and Brazil Sweetcorn and Brazil
Vincent Vincent Fleur Fleur
Wild Garden Wild Garden Wild Garden.Style 2 Wild Garden. Style 2
Kimmeridge Kimmeridge Bramble Bramble
Lagoon Lagoon Cyclamen Cyclamen
Argosy Argosy Fragrance Fragrance
Trudiana Trudiana Red Pippin Red Pippin
Nasturtium Nasturtium Lime Yellow and Seagull Lime Yellow and Seagull
Green Leaf. Mark 2 Green Leaf. Later Version Vineyard Vineyard
Ice Green and Mushroom Ice Green and Mushroom Rio Rio
Fresco Green by Poole Pottery Fresco. Green Version Wimborne Wimborne
Daisy Plate Daisy, Round Style Daisy Plate Daisy, Octagonal Style
Greenleaf Greenleaf Greenleaf Mark2 Greenleaf Later Style
Morocco Tea Pot Morocco Peach Bloom and Mist Blue Peach Bloom and Mist Blue
Poole Pottery Any Ideas? Poole Pottery Mayflower Mayflower


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