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Poole Pottery And Hornsea Pottery have both produced many designs of tableware over the years. Poole Pottery have discontinued the production of the vast majority of those patterns, and Hornsea Pottery are no longer operating. This means that most patterns of Poole Pottery and all patterns of Hornsea Pottery are no longer available in the shops. This same scenario applies to most other tableware manufacturers, such as Royal Doulton, Marks and Spencer, Denby etc. Although we started our business dealing mainly with just Poole Pottery and Hornsea Pottery discontinued tableware, we are now able to offer a replacement service for discontinued tableware from most manufacturers. Our mission in life is to find good condition examples of discontinued tableware patterns and make them available to our clients at very competitive prices.

If you are seeking to buy or sell discontinued tableware from Poole Pottery, Hornsea Pottery, Denby, Royal Doulton, Marks and Spencer, Johnson Bros or any other manufacturer we may well be able to assist you.

Some of the patterns that we are often asked for in Poole Pottery are Broadstone, Parkstone, Twintone Ice Green and Seagull, Sky Blue and Dove Grey, Mushroom and Sepia, New England, Cranborne, Nasturtium, Thistlewood, Nut Tree and the Cameo range. In Hornsea Pottery we are often asked for Contrast, Palatine, Concept, Swan Lake, Cornrose, Yeovil, Tapestry, Farmyard and Fleur.

Allow us to save you money by supplying you with replacement items for your existing discontinued set. You really do not have to go out and buy a new set, at enormous expense.

Just fill our enquiry form , send us an email to or telephone (01202 600838) to tell us what you are looking for or what you wish to sell (please note that we will only purchase items that are in perfect condition, and we only purchase from within the UK mainland). If we have the items of discontinued tableware that you are seeking in stock, we will notify you immediately. If we have not got them in stock, we will search for them (at no additional cost to you).

If you inform us that you wish to sell items, we will tell you whether we are able to make an offer on those items and how much that offer will be. We usually collect items that we purchase, rather than put you to the trouble of sending them to us. Please note, however that we only purchase from mainland UK and we will only purchase items that are in "as new" condition.

The completion of the enquiry form places you under no obligation to proceed with any transaction. It merely allows us to answer your questions.







Click here for Enquiry Form. Completing this form places you under no obligation. It merely allows us to answer any of your questions. The information that you supply will be treated in the strictest confidence and will not be released to any other organization.

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