The Poole Pottery, Hornsea & Denby Replacement Service

Replacing Most Makes of Tableware

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How Does It Work?

It is simple. Tell us what items of discontinued tableware you need, either by using our Enquiry Form or by email at or by telephone. Tell us the name of the manufacturer of your tableware. (eg Poole, Royal Doulton, Denby, Hornsea etc). If you know the name of the pattern, tell us that as well. If you do not know the name, just describe it to us and we can often work it out. Look on the base of plates, cups etc; if there is not a pattern name, there will often be a pattern code, designated by letters, numerals or a combination of both. The other option is to email us a photograph of a sample item from your set.

If your requested item is in stock, we will tell you the price and you can decide if you wish to confirm the order.If you decide to proceed we will send the item to you, securely packed, via a commercial carrier. On receipt of the item, check to ensure that it has arrived safely, and then send us a cheque as per the enclosed invoice.

If we do not have your requested item in stock, we will record the details and will notify you when it becomes available. You can then decide whether you still want the item. Your are under no obligation to complete the purchase.


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