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The Hornsea Pottery Replacement Service intends to provide a comprehensive photographic record of all Hornsea Pottery tableware patterns. Clients and other collectors will then easily be able to identify the patterns of their missing tea cups, saucers, dinner plates etc. The current list of patterns will be added to and improved upon in the coming weeks and months. Keep watching; we have given ourselves a marathon task but we will get there.

What a variety Hornsea have produced over the years. They commenced production in 1949 and have been one of the premier English producers of quality tableware for most of the second half of the twentieth century. In this gallery we concentrate mainly on tableware but future galleries will feature some of the more exotic decorative items produced by this innovative pottery.

If the pattern that you are seeking is not currently displayed, do not worry. Send us a description and we will usually be able to identify it for you. In fairness to Hornsea, most pieces do in fact have the pattern name stamped on the underside, and this obviously pattern identification much easier for all of us.

New. We are now able to supply the rubber seals for the Hornsea Storage Jars in the range that includes Heirloom, Bronte, Fleur, Saffron and Tapestry. The seals are available at £3 each. I regret that we are still not able to source the seals for the smaller spice and herb jars, but the seals that we do have are appropriate for the Biscuit, Flour, Sugar, Coffee and Tea jars.

Whatever, you are looking for, contact us and tell us about it. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be pleased to assist.Either send us and email, or complete the simple enquiry form (see the link below). You can also telephone us on (UK) 01202 600838.

If you have items of Hornsea Pottery that you wish to dispose of, feel free to contact us and we may be able to make you an attractive offer. Please note that we only buy items that are in perfect condition.Goods that are cracked, chipped, crazed or otherwise damaged are not acceptable. We look forward to hearing from you.

Picture Pattern Picture Pattern
 Hornsea Contrast Contrast Hornsea Contour Contour
saffron Saffron Fantasy Fantasy
Heirloom, Autumn Brown Heirloom, Autumn Brown Heirloom, Lakeland Green Heirloom, Lakeland Green
Linear Linear Bronte Bronte
Midas Midas Love Story Love Story
Fleur Fleur Blue Fleur Blue Fleur
Hornsea Coral Coral Cornrose Cornrose
Tapestry Tapestry Palatine Palatine
Cranberry Cranberry Ebony Ebony
Desire Desire Seville Seville
Passion Passion Swan Lake Swan Lake
Ophelia Ophelia Cascade Cascade
Alaska Alaska Harmony by Hornsea Pottery Harmony
Silhouette Silhouette Charisma Charisma

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