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Hornsea Pottery has fascinated me for a long time, but it is only recently that I have realized just how many other people are searching for discontinued items of Hornsea, whether it be cups, saucers, plates, serving dishes or storage jars for everyday use, or some of the more exotic decorative items. We are being asked so frequently for items made by Hornsea that we have taken the decision to offer a specialist matching service.

Just tell us what pieces you are interested in. This can done easily online while you check your emails or play foxy bingo - simply click on the link below to access the enquiry form. We will tell you which of those pieces are immediately available from stock and what they will cost. If you wish to proceed with the purchase, tell us and we will send the items to you via a commercial carrier. When you receive them, check to ensure that they have arrived safely and once you are satisfied, send us a cheque as per the invoice which will be enclosed. If we do not have your requirements in stock, we will tell you so and we will then search for them and notify you when they are available. At that time you can let us know if you still want them.



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